2021 Gift Guide | Umpqua Wader Tote

Tested & Reviewed by Derek Olthuis

Rods are gorgeous, reels are exquisite, waders are rad, so it was a bit surprising to me that one of my top choices of gear would be a tote bag. However, Umpquas full-featured ZS2 Wader Tote just makes fishing better. The 22x16padded stand station makes gearing up very civilized and the fact the tote holds your boots, waders and accessories (even rod tubes and a net when stowed) means when the bite is on, you just grab this thing and go. Having a place to store wet, mucky waders and boots post-wade meant I kept the back of my car clean and dry and flat pockets make arranging other essentials a breeze. Get organized and more efficient with this 45 L tote. Like it did for me, itll surprise you how much it enhances your angling experience.