2021 Gift Guide | Tacky Pescador Fly Box

Tested & Reviewed by Derek Bird

Full disclosure…I’m a Tacky fan. I like the guys who created the box, and I’m impressed with the way their boxes house my flies. A number of years back the Tacky team saw a need in the fly-fishing industry and discovered a truly innovative way to meet that need. I can fully understand why different companies want to work with them and was pleased when I learned that Fishpond was collaborating with Tacky. The Pescador is everything you’d expect when two all-stars in the industry team up to create a sturdy, waterproof fly box. I filled my Pescador with mostly smaller streamers for coastal cutthroat and Coho, but the box is just as well suited for bushy dries or nymphs. On the river I didn’t have to invent situations to test out the waterproof nature of the box. I’ve been known to drop a box or two in the river, and this summer was no exception. The times my Pescador got wet, my flies remained dry. I even managed to drop the case on the rocks without incident—the box didn’t crack or pop open; no flies were spilled. I figure no water in, no water out, so when I got home after a day of fishing wherein I’d used the box extensively, I opened it up to dry out the flies I used. I enjoyed testing the Pescador this summer. It’s a well-built and intentionally-designed fly box.

More info available online at fishpondusa.com