2017 New Rod Guide

How do you choose the best fly rod? Fly Fusion editors have been brainstorming that question over the last number of months and have managed to come up with a number of interesting conclusions. What they constantly came back to however was the evolving fly rod manufacturing market. Because of the way fly-rod companies produce rods, the old model of rod testing is becoming increasingly outdated. The previous model tested all rods against each other and then the tester placed them in an arbitrary order from top to bottom.

The deficiency in this method is that rod designers create rods for specific purposes and certain rods are not created in order to match up against other rods. Take a super fast action rod for example versus more of a moderate action rod. The two rods are not designed to perform the same at all distances.

Fly Fusion built their new review around this idea, which in the end directs the consumer to the best rod for their fishing situation. Make sure that you pick up the latest issue on the newsstand and explore 24 new rods for 2017.