The Buffet Series

The Buffet Series: A fly-fishing journey that began over a year ago is being launched! Ten different locations, countless species, in freshwater, saltwater, and warm water. A new series from Capture Adventure Media. The first episode, BWO Buffet, now available on Fly Fusion Streaming!

Focus Released to Fly Fusion Streaming

The IF4 Original Film, “Focus”, is now available to view on Fly Fusion Streaming! An inspirational fly-fishing film about an adventerous couple pursuing their passion, which leads them on a memorable adventure under a smoke soaked skyline in search of the perfect image of oversized dry-fly sipping rainbows. For those who’ve never had a trout rise to a dry, a fish might just be a cold-blooded creature with fins and spots, but to you and I they’re the objects of our memories, of our pictures, of our attention. They’re why, as we leave the river, we’re already dreaming about the next trip. Click here to watch!

Episode Three Now Streaming!

Fly Fusion Magazine editors Derek Bird and Jim McLennan show up at one of Jim’s favorite stretches of river just as major windstorm blows down the valley. They set up the rods in hopes that the wind will push terrestrials onto the water. When the wind finally dies down, their persistence is rewarded with a number of spectacular trout. Episode three from season three now streaming.

Fly Fusion Series: New Episode – Lost!

Fly Fusion Magazine editors Derek Bird and Jim McLennan look for as much information as they can find on a remote section of river and find nothing, which is exactly what they hoped to find. In this episode the hosts explore a Rocky Mountain drainage that holds cutthroat and bull trout, and both are eager to take a well-placed dry.

Fly Fusion Series: Season Three Begins!

Join Fly Fusion Magazine Editors Derek Bird and Jim McLennan for season three of the wildly popular Fly Fusion Series as they explore the prairies and East slope of the Rocky Mountains. Confronted by back-country closures and wildfires the hosts embrace mounting challenges and find themselves lost, but in the right direction, while exploring new and familiar water for willing trout.

Fly Fusion Series: New Episode!

The latest episode, “Treasure Hunters”, from the Fly Fusion Series has just been released! In this first episode Fly Fusion Magazine editors Derek Bird and Jim McLennan pursue some of the west’s most treasured trout – Bow River rainbows. For Jim this is his home water. He’s fished and guided on the river for a good portion of his life, so he makes the task of locating large trout look effortless. Derek, on the other hand, ends up botching a few takes before finding himself in step with the river’s cadence.