2021 Gift Guide – Scientific Anglers Absolute Leaders & Tippet

Tested and Reviewed by Derek Bird

I’m under the impression that the less you notice leader and tippet, the better off you are as an angler. If you’re tippet is always breaking, you notice it. If your leader is always twisting and knotting up, you notice it. My summer fishing SA leaders and tippet I rarely noticed it, and when I did it was my own fault (like forgetting to change from 5x to 3x when fishing a large Chubby, which makes any leader do all kinds of funky things). The leader and tippet withstood the normal rigors of an angling day including a few wayward casts into rocks and branches. SA sent me a wide variety of tippet from 0x to 7x and I thoroughly enjoyed testing them all. The 1x and 2x performed well for bull trout and Coho, even in clear water conditions with smaller flies. And the 3x through 7x fished extremely well in all trouty situations. Possibly more important than me not noticing my leader and tippet, neither did the fish even in clear water conditions. After a season of using the product, SA’s Absolute Clear Leader and Tippet receives a five star rating from me.

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2021 Gift Guide – Korkers River Ops Wading Boot

Tested & Reviewed by Derek Bird

I’ve been wearing the River Ops all season and I’ll continue to wear them after the testing period. The Korkers team created a boot that’s impressive from top to bottom. River Ops are comfortable over long distances, they’re lightweight and they’re sturdy. Although my pair looks well-travelled now, the boots don’t show any sign of deterioration. The product designers placed features in all the right places: the ankle wrap provides stability and comfort; the upper boot provides the perfect balance between flexibility and support; and the interchangeable soles are effortless to switch in and out. In all the miles I hiked, many of which were through challenging terrain, not once did I experience any malfunctions with the sole system. Hats off to the Korkers crew. These boots are fantastic.

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