Write a function in asp

Write A Function In Asp

In this case 14 ASP/VBScript functions and procedures, however, are executed only when called, not inline with the rest of write a function in asp the code.In C#, they are basically declared like this: (.The function "myfunction" will return the sum of argument "a" and argument "b".You can write functions in ASP similar to the way you write write a function in asp them in Visual Basic The Write method writes a specified string to the output.Write (myfunction (5,9)) Show Example ยป.A function allows you to encapsulate a piece of code and call it from other parts of your code.Function myfunction (a,b) myfunction=a+b.This simple function procedures is called to calculate the sum of two arguments: Example.You may very soon run into a situation where you need to repeat a piece of code, from multiple places, and this is where functions come in.A function or subprocedure can be reused as many write a function in asp times as required, thus saving you time and making for a less clustered looking page.

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write a function in asp write a function in asp